MMC Rovinj

Saturday, 30 of April 10:00-12:00

As part of the Sensory Ethnography and New Media project, initialised by the Ethnographic Museum of Istria in cooperation with the Soundimage culture (SIC) organisation, director and anthropologist Lauren Van Lancker will once again visit Rovinj this year. The methodology of sensory ethnography is based on the idea of human senses being intertwined and it moves away from text as the primary media for constructing ethnographic representations. The aim of the project is to present the opportunities for synergy of sensory ethnography, new media and modern technologies in recording, interpretation and presentation of intangible heritage and the culture of the everyday.

7th ETNOFILm WorkshopLaurent Van Lancker will discuss his cinematographic practices and present the work of the Sound Image Culture organisation.

SoundImageCulture / SIC is a group of artist-anthropologists who are committed to artful storytelling through real human encounters that challenge conventions in documentary making, and opens up to sound and image installations. SIC offers an 11-month programme to assist professional filmmakers, social scientists, and artists in realising their personal projects. Informed by developments in cultural theory, social sciences, and the visual arts (Laura Marks, Arjun Appadurai, Jean Rouch, Trinh Minh-ha en Jonas Mekas), we question the relationship between artist, subject, and viewer. The answer is not to eschew representation – rather, SIC proposes an ethical reflection on how ‘the other’ is presented in contemporary media: we believe this to be an urgent issue in our multicultural society.

Laurent Van Lancker both studied filmmaking (IAD) and anthropology (MA, Mphil from SOAS). His early documentaries illuminate the social, religious, and artistic aspects of different cultures, e.g. Ymako (Basil Wright Price at the RAI film festival 1998) or Moving with the Clouds (Prix Jeunes, Festival Cinema d’Asie 1999). Although his latest three works are experimental travel diaries (Eth(n)ics, Trente et une nuits: mes rencontres palestiniennes, Rétroviseurs), he has also recently made short fiction films and dance videos, and he is currently finishing his first (surrealist) long feature documentary. He is an occasional lecturer in audiovisual anthropology and documentary filmmaking at universities such as UGent, Sint-Lukas (Belgium), SOAS (London), or Kunming (China), and he is one of the founders of Polymorfilms and VOX (a media-activist collective). He also runs creative AV workshops and has curated several film programmes for Cinema Nova in Brussels.


ETNOFILm 2016_Željka Jelavić_radionica-Obitelj nekad i danasŽeljka Jelavić: Family Then and Now

As a part of the 8th ETNOFILm festival, Željka Jelavić will hold a workshop for primary-school children on the subject of Family Then and Now. The aim of the workshop is to motivate students to consider the dynamic changes in family relations, the historical and cultural context of family relations and to connect personal experience with the wider social and cultural context through a series of analyses of audiovisual examples and common discussions.


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