Published by: Maja Ogrizović, 11.04.2016.

Our selection and jury

8th edition of ETNOFILm will take place in Rovinj, from 28th to 30th of April. Our official program brings 30 films from 27 states, categorized in a group of film by professional ethnologists/anthropologists and a group of films by authors that are not ethnologists/anthropologists.

All the films in our official program will be in the run for an award in their category – this year, the sculpture was made by Nives Žarković – young student from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

This year`s selection was made by Bojan Mucko – ethnologist and cultural anthropologist and a new media artist. All the movies selected will be juried by János Tari, Ivana Todorović and Željka Petrović Osmak.

Janos Tari holds a PhD in Visual Anthropology. He is the president chair of ICOM  AVICOM (International Committee for Audiovisual and New Technologies of Sound and Image.As head of the Film Studio and Archive department of the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography, he had produced documentary films and cooperated in editing a digital multimedia and Internet film catalog. He is Associate professor , cinematographer and film director at Karoli Gaspar University of Reformed Church and at the Faculty of Humanities – Institute of Social and Communication Science in Budapest.

Ivana Todorović is a director of socially engaged documentaries with which she won numerous awards. Studied Documentary Media studies at The New School in New York and Ethnology and Anthropology in Belgrade, also finished Atelies Varan, french workshop in Belgrade. Todorović was a hosted lecturer at TEDxAUK in Pristina.

Željka Petrović Osmak got her degree in Ethnology and Pedagogy in 2003. in Zagreb, where she obtained her MA in 2011. From 2004. she is a part of the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb where she was head museum and curator of the Local museum in Donja Kupčina, from 2012. curator of collections Economy and Instruments. She is the author of different exhibitions, organized workshops and conferences, was a part of redaction of Etnološka istraživanja, and also made one ethnographic film. She is the author of two museum catalogs and co-editor of Poceedings on 50 years of HED (Croatian ethnology society). Her fields of interests are mostly musical instruments and ethno-musicology researches.

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