Published by: Kristina Smoljanović, 01.05.2016.

Winners of our 8th ETNOFILm edition!

Saturday evening, after all the movies have been screened…the time came to give the awards and close our 8th Festival edition, happier than ever and thankful to all our authors for applying and making this year`s atmosphere even better.
Our international jury – Jánoš Tari, Ivana Todorović i Željka Petrović Osmak, after thinking and talking about all the candidates for several hour, made a really hard decision and decided this year`s winners:

In the category of Films by professional ethnologist/anthropologist,
the award went to  Léa  Klaue and her “To Work is to Grow”, for showing responsibility and consciousness of working children in paradoxical Bolivian conditions.

In the category of Films by authors who are not ethnologists/anthropologists, the award went to Jana Richter and her “TIMG_4752races of War. Scenes of Everyday Life in a non-existent Country” for giving us simple and spontaneous view of everyday life by observing character`s hopes for better future in a nonegsisting country.

The jury also gave Special Mention to
 Vladimir Perović for documenting intangible traditional language by capturing human voice signals which enable communication between shepard and his sheep and goats in “EOHA“; to Chiara Bove Makiedo for “FIMG_4722isherman`s Conversations” for finding the key to give us an inside look into the local fishermen cultural heritage that co-egsists along with tourism; to “Zvonko i Ivanka” and the authors Manca Filak and Ziga Gorišeka for creating a good balance and natural context by using parallel editing which brings us closer to the film charactersto Vjekoslav Gašparović for using long shots and good composition in order to create an everyday work atmosphere in which the author is present as participant observer in “201410KU
; to Shashank Saini and his “BTC” for discovering perceptions as IMG_4716social constructs, but also showing the subject of the researcher as an individual and the changed social context, caused by money brainwash; to Luis Cintora and his “Te Saludan Los Cabitos” for showing people`s destinies and honesty while combining narative and visuals, so as to recognize their suffering life.


The award of our 8th ETNOFILm, on a symbolic way, connects the Festival and his home city – Rovinj.  The award – a visual solution of combining pomegranate as the symbol of the city of Rovinj and a film tape as the Festival`s signature)
was handed to Jana Richter by Nives Žarković, third year student at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, who actually made it.


Our last day was filled with additional program as well. In the morning hours, Laurent Van Lancker and Dan Oki had a sensory ethnography Masterclass, where different models of working on an ethnographic film were introduced to the audience.



In Hotel Adriatic, there was an Artist talk with Emanuel Mathias – the author of this year`s exhibition Primatologist IMG_4664/ Of choosing an appropriate distance.


The biggest thanks there is to all our authors, audience, participating members of film crews, volunteers, helpers and the sun which showed up on Friday, giving us even more energy to work, watch and have fun. 🙂IMG_4688

We hope to see you all next year!


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