Published by: Maja Ogrizović, 22.03.2016.

Volunteers of the 8th ETNOFILm Festival

The organizational board of the ETNOFILm – International Festival of Ethnographic Film has selected four volunteers who will join them and help produce the eight edition of the festival that will take place in Rovinj, April 28 – 30, 2016.

Organizational board’s statement:

The organizational board of ETNOFILm festival thanks all the applicants from all parts of Europe. Unfortunately, due to the traditionally large number of applications, we were forced to make a selection to come to a dynamic group of four volunteers with a diverse experience in visual anthropology and film festivals organization. This year we will be endorsed by a motivated team of following volunteers: Daianna Tzvetkova (Bulgaria, Germany), a student of social and cultural anthropology and media and communication, Milica Josimović (Serbia), ethnologist and anthropologist, Liisi Reitalu (Estonia), graphic designer and ethnography student and Sara Mikelić (Croatia), ethnologist and cultural anthropologist from Rovinj with a practice in Venice. All ETNOFILm lovers are invited to join us on April 28 -30 in Rovinj!

The mission of ETNOFILm is to serve as a platform for promoting visual anthropology which, on one side encourages production of ethnographic film in a narrow and disciplinary sense of the word – that of films who’s authors are professional ethnographers and anthropologists, and on the other side affirms documentaries that go beyond both disciplines and help develop a more heterogeneous approach to ethnography and visual anthropology.

This years’ ETNOFILm festival’s film program is a final selection of 30 film titles that will be played in Rovinj.

Announcements and information on all of the upcoming events and the festival’s program will be published on the official website or via social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter.

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