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Leyla Hoppe, Côme Ledésert, Zoe Aiano
10 min

About author

Eluned Zoe Aiano is a freelance editor and translator who lives travelling between London, Berlin and Prague. Leyla Hoppe has a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography. She worked for the Goethe-Institut in Jakarta for a year and finished her internship in Berlin. Côme Ledésert is a Parisian currently studying at the Free University of Berlin, at the Department of Visual Anthropology, together with the other two authors.

Almut is a middle-aged woman who survives on two to three Euro per day, which she earns by collecting bottles in the streets of Berlin. In this film, she guides us through a local neighbourhood, revealing her opinions, the philosophy of life and the photographs that she takes while collecting bottles.

Copyright 2016.

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