Film selection of ETNOFILm is run with a desire to give the audience a cut through current ethnographic tendencies in documentary films. Thematically opened, and from her Festival towards multidisciplinary dialog, focused both on professional anthropologists and author from wider documentary domain. Professional ethnologists and anthropologists have their own category in which we follow new strings of visual anthropology. 

In the selection process, we give the advantage to conceptually closed films which don`t follow genre cliches, and the authors of which are opened in positioning against paradoxical cultural phenomena and marginalized social groups that they try to picture out in a film representation. In a society of consumerism and national spectacles which surround us, it is important to thing the medium, to try to give at least a small gesture of resistance to dominant forms of  visual and ethical manipulation, so common for commercial films and mass media. For that reason, we`re interested in reflexive films closer to genre hybridity and experiment, and the ethic of representation is more important to us then aesthetics. The content of the movie has to have a solution for it`s form and vice versa.


Bojan Mucko
selektor natjecateljskog programa


Bojan Mucko


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