Ethnographic film is building its audience slowly but steadily. We believe that the participants of the ETNOFILm Festival are at least partly responsible for this. We wish to pamper you with excellent films, discussions with experienced visual anthropologists and rising stars, encounters with colleagues you haven’t seen for a while, music that will inspire you to dance and rays of sunshine that penetrate through the window blinds so that they too could enjoy the stories, which are sometimes difficult but unmistakably human.

ETNOFILm speaks from the heart, it supports “small” films about big subjects.

During the course of history, ethnology often found itself in the clutches of nationalism. The art of understanding cultural changes and influences, survival strategies and cultural commodification requires a free spirit. Although some subjects are seemingly ethnological, authors and researchers can express a wide range of cultural attitudes in their approach to a subject. This year, selector Bojan Mucko has once again given us the opportunity to critically examine authors’ views on different subjects. Curators Lea Vene and Ivana Čehić Rabljenović introduce us to the world of artistic interpretation of scientific work and field research by presenting Emanuel Mathias’ exhibition “Primatologist”. This year, we are also actively turning towards children for the first time. Željka Jelavić from the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb will introduce primary-school students from Rovinj to the potentials of ethnographic film in education by means of creative workshops. We are pleased to host Professor Laurent Van Lancker and Dan Oki once again as we never cease to learn and move the boundaries of ethnological approaches to research and presentation of cultural phenomena. We fell in love with sensory ethnology as perceived and promoted by these colleagues and we believe that our stage in Rovinj is ideal for presenting new and exciting achievements in film.

I would also like to express our gratitude to the international jury consisting of Janoš Tari, PhD, Ivana Todorović and Željka Petrović Osmak, MSc. Although the objective of ETNOFILm Festival is not to categorise works or to fiercely compete for an award, a keepsake in the form of an art piece created by sculpture students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka is always welcomed with a smile. This year, we will be awarding it in two categories.

ETNOFILm wishes to send a clear message of promoting an opened mind, understanding, freedom of thought and active citizenship. I would like to thank everyone who has been helping us to achieve this for eight years.


Tamara Nikolić Đerić

Curator and Festival Manager

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