Published by: Maja Ogrizović, 08.04.2016.

Masterclass with Laurent van Lancker

In additional ETNOFILm program, we`re continuing with our Sensory Ethnography and new media project, again hosting Laurent van Lancker from SIC (SoundImageCulture), Belgium.

The methodology sensory ethnography is based on the idea of intertwined human sences, going beyong the text as a primary medium in shaping the ethnographic representation. Our goal is to present the possibilities of synergism between sensory ethnography, new media and modern technologies in (re)writing, interpreting and presenting intagible culture and everyday life.

In Multimedia centre of Rovinj, Laurent Van Lancker will talk about his own film praxis and ways of getting that synergy. His Masterclass is opened to all students of ethnology, anthropology and film studies and other interested in visual anthropology. It will be held on Friday, 29th of April, 10:30 AM. 
Those who want be a part of it, can apply via e-mail on: by 27th of April 2016.

Laurent Van Lancker both studied Film and Anthropology, and holds a PhD in Art. He lectures at filmschools (INSAS, IAD, LUCA) and universities (FU Berlin). His early works illuminate social and religious aspects. Followed by a series of short works called ‘Experimental Ethnographies’. His long-feature film ‘Surya’, won international Awards, and had a theatrical release. He also made web-projects (,video installations, and fiction films. His films draw on various modes: Experiential, Performative and Sensorial cinema.

SoundImageCulture / SIC is a group of artist-anthropologists committed to artful storytelling through real human encounters that challenge documentary conventions, and opens up to sound and image installations.

SIC offers an 11-month program to assist professional filmmakers, social scientists and artists in the realization of their personal project. SIC involves a broad spectrum of theoretical perspectives and practical workshops to link formal and ethical questions during the production process where each creator develops their original, personal point of view.

Informed by developments in cultural theory, social sciences, and the visual arts (Laura Marks, Arjun Appadurai, Jean Rouch, Trinh Minh-ha en Jonas Mekas) we question the relation between artist, subject and viewer. The answer is not to eschew representation; rather, SIC proposes an ethical reflection on how ‘the other’ is presented in contemporary media: we believe this to be an urgency of the multicultural society we live in. SIC involves nine months of artistic coaching through collective seminars, individual advising, group critiques, and inter-artist dialogue. For additional perspectives, we regularly invite external artists and critics.

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