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Film Selection of the 8th ETNOFILm Festival, Rovinj, April 28-30, 2016

The eight edition of ETNOFILm – International Festival of Ethnographic Film will be held in Rovinj, April 28 – 30, 2016.

ETNOFILm Festival is a project launched in 2008 as a side project of the Ethnographic Museum of Istria, with an aim of promoting visual anthropology which, on one side encourages production of ethnographic film in a narrow and disciplinary sense of the word – that of films who’s authors are professional ethnographers and anthropologists, and on the other side affirms documentaries that go beyond both disciplines and help develop a more heterogeneous approach to ethnography and visual anthropology.

The project has evolved with time and in a close collaboration with the City of Rovinj and its cultural institutions – with a clear mission of strengthening the position of Croatian ethnographic film in a broader European context, and with an aim of fully developing its potentials. Along this, it has succeeded in proving that ethnographic film is not only aimed at participants/authors who are  professionals in the field of anthropology, ethnology and/or film and has also managed to evolve into an international festival with a program composed of workshops, seminars and lectures, concerts and of course – ethnographic documentary films. The award for best film is in itself a work of art, created and designed (for the third year in a row) by young artists – students of the Academy of Applied Arts (APURI) at the University of Rijeka, Croatia.

The selection of the eighth edition of the festival is somewhat different and carries a strong personal mark of a many year member of the ETNOFILm organizational board, a professional ethnologist and anthropologist and a new media artist Bojan Mucko, who has solely selected the official film program. His final selection is composed of a total of thirty film titles, mostly consisted of Croatian authors, many of whom will have a Croatian premiere in Rovinj. As a part of this years’ festival program we will play films divided into two following categories: Films of professional ethnologists/anthropologists and students of ethnology/anthropology and Films of authors who are not professional ethnologists/anthropologists.

Films of professional ethnologists/anthropologists and students of ethnology/anthropology
1. Nora Wildenauer: Perjuangan Tiada Akhir (Fighting for nothing to happen), Indonesia, 48’
2. Léa Klaue: Trabajar es crecer, Norway, Bolivia, 31’
3. Pavel Borecký: Solaris, Estonia, 25’
4. Leyla Hoppe, Côme Ledésert, Zoe Aiano; Almut, Germany, 10’
5. Lee Douglas, Jorge Moreno Andrés: What Remains, Spain, USA, 29’
6. Grant Hayes: Haigh Love, USA, 15’
7. Manca Filak, Žiga Gorišek: Zvonko in Ivanka, Slovenia, 15’
8. Shashank Saini: BTC – Brother Thou Chutiya, India, 40’
9. Zoe Aiano: Špaliček Rodin, Chech Republic, 36’
10. Iris Zaki: Women in Sink, Great Britain, Israel, 36’
11. Ante Rozić: Nagrišpane Traverse, Croatia, 54’
12. Ivo Kuzmanić: Prodaja djece, Croatia, 28’

Films of the authors who are not professional ethnologists/anthropologists
13. Federico Lobo, Tiago Hespanha: Revolução Industrial (Industrial revolution), Portugal, 72’
14. Vjekoslav Gašparović: 201410KU, Croatia, 15’
15. Collective of young European students: Matongé, Belgium, 13’
16. Otavio Cury: História de Abraim, Brazil, 12’
17. Sarah Grohnert: Ever the Land, New Zeland, 90’
18. Vladimir Todorović: KRŠ, France, 72’
19. Daniel Schioler: Then Then Then, Canada, 29’
20. Vladimir Perović: EOHA, Montenegro, 22’
21. Elvis Lenić: 9. januar, Croatia, 15’
22. Nina Blažin: Just the Two of Us, Romania, 17’
23. Kim Beamish: Sunna’ al-Shyam fe al-Qahira (The tentmakers of Cairo), Australia, 94’
24. Jana Richter: TRACES OF WAR. Scenes of everyday life in a non-existent country, Armenia, Gorski Karabakh, Germany, 55’
25. Luis Cintora: Te saludan los cabitos, Peru, Spain, 65’
26. Chiara Bove Makiedo: Fishermen’s Conversation, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia, 68’
27. Ivana Butković: Đurđevdan, Croatia, 20’
28. Marijana Sladetić, Tereza Kaurinović, Jelena Lazić, Martina Kalčić: Bit` će Lola!, Croatia, 9’
29. Melissa Potter: Like Other Girls Do, USA, Serbia, 26’
30. Branko Ištvančić: Od zrna do slike, Croatia, 75′

Applications for volunteers of the eight ETNOFILm Festival are now open and you can apply for volunteering here until 15 March 2016.

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